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Guardian ad litem

When I first filed for custody of my son the court allowed my wife to move 150 miles away, in the same day they appointed a GAL for my son.

My wife has since lost 3 job had her phone disconnected missed all of her forensic study appointments (which the GAL has requested) missed pick up and drop off days broken the Court order for visitation rules numerous times band just recently My sons teacher has told me that not only is he absent 1/2 of the time but numerous people other than his mother( who has yet to drop him off or pick him up)including 2 different 20 yr old men that are not authorized to pick up our son.

The GAL know all this and still has done nothing about the situation but to say “I think she must be overwhelmed” If she is supposed to be looking for our sons best interests then why hasn’t she done anything? What can I do