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Re: What should I do now

I do not know where you live, but in Canada you can go to court and file an Application Order for Variance. This is the first step, and your ex has to be given notice and a chance to appear and dispute the application.

Then if she makes no attempt to dispute it you can get the change made.

Again in Canada custody cannot be passed down via a will. What you can do is put in your will that your parents or whomever become guardians of any minor children. Then the guardians can apply to a court to gain legal custody, but this is not needed as the fact that you have appointed them guardians is sufficient. You need to get the custody issue solved while you area alive so that if you do die and the children are still minors your ex cannot come into the picture and screw things all up.

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I wasn’t talking about a mother giving up rights

I wasn’t talking about a mother giving up rights, I was referring to a father wanting to give up his rights. A paycheck is not involved. The child is not going to be adopted, she lives with her mother.

And the mother does not agree with any parent wanting to do this (under normal conditions). But, thank you for your reply anyway.

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You miss my point

If a mother can give up herrights, why can’t a father? I don’t want to know what the law is, because it’s obviously wrong because it treats males different from females. I want to know WHY is it morally alright for a mother to do, but not a father? Why the double standard?

This is not to say I agree with any parent giving up their rights either, but it’s not for me to tell anyone else what to do or not to do.

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Re: giving up parental rights

If a mother can give up not only her own parental rights, but the fathers’ as well by giving a child up for adoption, then a father *should* be able to at least voluntarilly give up his own rights. Oh, but wait, there’s probably a paycheck involved. I guess that changes everything.

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Giving up parental rights

I have a question about parental rights, or rather giving them up. I have a 14 year old daughter who lives with me, her father is in another state, and I am remarried.

Recently he got upset with her, and stated that he was going to give up “sign off” his parental rights, to not see her or have any contact or relationship with her anymore. I do not believe that a parent can do this (unless adoption is to take place), but he disagrees.

So my question is, can a parent just sign off their parental rights, just because they want to, even though the other parent will not agree to it?