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What should I do now

I have sole physical custody and joint legal custody of my 3 yr old daughter. Mom walked out when she was 11 months. In my divorce, i gave her joint legal custody so she would not fight the divorce.

She hasn’t paid one penny of her court ordered child support and hasn’t seen, emailed, written, or called her daughter since Halloween. Is there some way i can get sole legal custody too and arrange if something happens to me my mom, who stays with me now to help me raise her, gets custody?

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My x filed abuse charges HELP

My divorce started 21/2 years ago. We set up an agreement for a 50/50 share. The day before my final divorce date my x filed bogus abuse charges against me. That was six months ago. I haven’t been able to see my kids or talk to them. She changed her phone number.

DHC won’t help, because the closed the case two months ago, but the cops still have the case open because my x got some fruit cake of a shrink. This has cost me 3000$ already. My lawyer going to fight it but I really need to talk to my kids any ideas?

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Ex wife has taking my money and kids

What do i do when ex wife has taking my money and my kids,and is hitting me hard with all the medical bills,for just about anything and everything,ever time i get my mail there is another bill from the hospital or doctor, and they won’t tell me whats it’s for, I’m the father, i need to know what is wrong with my kids,ex has put me so far in the hole,i don’t if I’m coming or going.I pay 118.00 a week child support, plus they just garnished my wages another 100.00 a week.

I can’t live on 137.00 a week, i have bills also. I already applied for a $1000 loan at WeGot1000, but I can’t do it too often. She takes them to the doctors every time you turn around,and abuses my health insurance,what can i do?

I can’t afford to pay all these medical bills, she signs the bills, she should pay for them, and STOP ABUSING MY INSURANCE.

I’m married now to a wonderful person, thank god she works,we also have a 5yr old daughter together, but this is tearing my family up.My wife now can’t understand why women have to be this way,it should be 50/50 all the way. broke in Ohio,if there is any information you can pass along please do so, or email me. thanks guys!!