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If the child is 3

  1. If the child is 3 and mom hasn’t paid any child support, it sounds like you don’t need the money so tell the court (if that argument is raised) that the money will be put in a college fund.
  2. You certainly can petition the court to change the custody order to sole custody. Its not a slam dunk but if she hasn’t seen the child in 3 years, the court may go along with it – your wife might not even oppose it.
  3. I’m not absolutely sure but I do not think that obtaining sole custody will help you if something happens to you. Your wife as the other biological parent would probably get custody. However, in Connecticut, we have a application to terminate parental rights which would do the trick. It would also cut off child support.

You should probably talk to the attorney who handled your divorce.

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There is a host of ways to accomplish this

There is a host of ways to accomplish this in Mammoth, CA. First and foremost, YOU need to read the laws. Read all the laws dealing with divorce, custody, and support. They can be found on the internet. The more you know about the laws, the better you can gather information that the court needs to decide in your favor.

School records, report cards, witnessed visitation denials, and child neglect all help in making these decisions.

For those of you who do not know, the children’s school records in joint custody cases have to be sent to you, by the school, at your request. This is a federal law, you have the right to know how your children are doing in school.