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I know what you mean

I saw the first post about ‘giving up parental rights” and I thought “here’s a woman coming in here, looking for help in denying the father of her child an option that she’s had since the moment of conception, and nobody even says ‘What’s up with that?'”

Then she comes back and says something to the effect of “Oh, and if you think what I’m doing is wrong, well you can just keep it to yourself”.

It seems to me that her intention was not so much to get advice, but simply to rub your nose in the fact that the law doesn’t give you the same rights it gives her.

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A non custodial parents

A non custodial parents has the “right” to parenting time with their children. If they exercise that right or not is their decision. It can not be forced upon them. They also have the obligation to pay child support.

Occasionally I can not get my kids on a weekend because of work and my ex gets mad as hell when I call her up and tell her. I guess it mess up her plans for the weekend, but she should have through about that before she fought me in court and refused to let me have joint custody.

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Update on my case

My ex and i were divorced in Calif. in 1988. I was in the military, then settled in NC. My ex moved many times and now resides in Nev.
In June of last year she petitioned the Calif. court to review the support amount, which they did.

After doing a lot of research and calling the CSE often, the NC State Federal Lawyer for family law has determined by Federal Law Calif did not have jurisdiction over the case. The law clearly states,’If no party to the case resides in the state or jurisdiction, the case must forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction’ or words to that effect.

It took 7 months but, The NC CSE called me and told me the order was invalid and they would not enforce it. If my ex wanted the support amount modified she would have to file in NC.

So, a little (well a lot) of research can make a big difference. Knowing the laws is your right and your responsibility (since no one in the government will explain them to you when you fall under them).

The main problem with our family courts today is no law provides a non custodial parent with legal assistance or information, unlike what the laws provide for the custodial parent. I think it is time for a change in our laws.