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To everyone who cares about our children, please lend me your ears.

It is time for us to stop vainly fighting on our own, in isolation, for the Truth to prevail and to secure the right of our children to be nurtured by loving, strong fathers as our Creator intended.

I am issuing a plea to all concerned parties, all those who love our children, all fathers who die a little each day because they are separated from their children and stand helplessly by while their children are abused and tortured each day by the perverse, evil idea that children do not need their male parents, to stand up with me and bear witness to this atrocity that has overtaken our families, our homes, and our country.

I particularly call upon those who reside in the State of Alabama, for this is where I live and can be most effective.

I do not ask for your money or your conformity or, indeed, for you to carry out any specific act.

I simply ask for you to listen:

Friends, we are losing this Holy War waged for the sake of our children. Why? Because we have attempted to defeat a juggernaut of lies as individuals. We have confronted a well organized, well funded coalition, bent on furthering an evil, destructive agenda, by standing up one by one and taking pot shots. And we have been cut down.

For all that it has hurt us, it has damaged our children infinitely and profoundly more.

And how will we answer our children? That we didn’t know our enemy? WE KNOW. That we could not rally ourselves sufficiently to prevail in the battles that face us? WE CAN. What excuse will we offer when our children ask, ” Daddy, where were you when I needed you?”.

Why are we shouted down by the National Organization for Women?

Why are we ruled by corrupt judges whose numbers are dwarfed by us?

Why do we file pathetically one by one before our elected hired help AND ASK FOR OUR CHILDREN?!

Why do we listen to those who say we should be patient and meek and play by our opponent’s rules?

FATHERS OF ALABAMA, let us, this day, and for all time, join together in a Brotherhood of Fathers whose sword is the Truth and whose strength is in our individual and collective love for our children.

I simply ask for you to answer:

Are we our children’s Fathers?

Are we, and ultimately we, responsible for the well being of our children?

Will we do what is necessary to protect and nurture them?

Let the thunder of our unified righteousness drown the wall of lies. Let our enemies tremble and flee at the sight of us marching together and proclaiming the Truth. Let our children hear us coming and find hope.

Let me hear your voice. How say you?