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Posted by Mammoth on

Welcome to recent members!

Recently there has been a rash of confrontational messages, along with repetitive personal rants with absolutely no informational merit. This main (moderated) forum is NOT the place for such unacceptable behavior.

If you need a punching bag more than a club, hash it all out at the place indicated in our LINKS section. Or use email or messenger (both provided for free) to box it out with the other individual. Such networking tools can be also useful in sharing feelings and inner personal pain. We are indeed sympathetic, but ask that you use the proper channels, including the member-only CHAT room (separate from this main forum).

Your membership here entails responsibilities. Please read and adhere to our courtesy GUIDE.

When posting a message or a reply, please take the time to be attentive and informative. Include all details and specifics as possible. The subject line should be very descriptive.

Content and guest members which have no relevancein general to ‘DADS in FAMILY COURT’ are prompted deleted. We must be focused.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in building a strong network dedicated to open collaboration.