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Ex wife has taking my money and kids

What do i do when ex wife has taking my money and my kids,and is hitting me hard with all the medical bills,for just about anything and everything,ever time i get my mail there is another bill from the hospital or doctor, and they won’t tell me whats it’s for, I’m the father, i need to know what is wrong with my kids,ex has put me so far in the hole,i don’t if I’m coming or going.I pay 118.00 a week child support, plus they just garnished my wages another 100.00 a week.

I can’t live on 137.00 a week, i have bills also. I already applied for a $1000 loan at WeGot1000, but I can’t do it too often. She takes them to the doctors every time you turn around,and abuses my health insurance,what can i do?

I can’t afford to pay all these medical bills, she signs the bills, she should pay for them, and STOP ABUSING MY INSURANCE.

I’m married now to a wonderful person, thank god she works,we also have a 5yr old daughter together, but this is tearing my family up.My wife now can’t understand why women have to be this way,it should be 50/50 all the way. broke in Ohio,if there is any information you can pass along please do so, or email me. thanks guys!!