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If the child is 3

  1. If the child is 3 and mom hasn’t paid any child support, it sounds like you don’t need the money so tell the court (if that argument is raised) that the money will be put in a college fund.
  2. You certainly can petition the court to change the custody order to sole custody. Its not a slam dunk but if she hasn’t seen the child in 3 years, the court may go along with it – your wife might not even oppose it.
  3. I’m not absolutely sure but I do not think that obtaining sole custody will help you if something happens to you. Your wife as the other biological parent would probably get custody. However, in Connecticut, we have a application to terminate parental rights which would do the trick. It would also cut off child support.

You should probably talk to the attorney who handled your divorce.

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I went to the school and sat down with the principal

You remember my last message? well I then called the Dept. of Education.. They backed up the school’s policy. It is up to the teacher wether or not to keep progress reports. All that they are required to keep are test scores and report cards. NOT progress reports. Not much ammo for his 5th grade status now.

The final report I had received by his teacher, showed all D and F’s.. the report card the school gave me a copy of shows C and D’s.. but stupid me, I was not thinking about “proof” when I had confronted the LOVELY X, when I was shocked about the report, initially, and I threw it at her… DANG!!!!

Needless to say, I never got it back…. hehehehe

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Guardian ad litem

When I first filed for custody of my son the court allowed my wife to move 150 miles away, in the same day they appointed a GAL for my son.

My wife has since lost 3 job had her phone disconnected missed all of her forensic study appointments (which the GAL has requested) missed pick up and drop off days broken the Court order for visitation rules numerous times band just recently My sons teacher has told me that not only is he absent 1/2 of the time but numerous people other than his mother( who has yet to drop him off or pick him up)including 2 different 20 yr old men that are not authorized to pick up our son.

The GAL know all this and still has done nothing about the situation but to say “I think she must be overwhelmed” If she is supposed to be looking for our sons best interests then why hasn’t she done anything? What can I do

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Re: What should I do now

I do not know where you live, but in Canada you can go to court and file an Application Order for Variance. This is the first step, and your ex has to be given notice and a chance to appear and dispute the application.

Then if she makes no attempt to dispute it you can get the change made.

Again in Canada custody cannot be passed down via a will. What you can do is put in your will that your parents or whomever become guardians of any minor children. Then the guardians can apply to a court to gain legal custody, but this is not needed as the fact that you have appointed them guardians is sufficient. You need to get the custody issue solved while you area alive so that if you do die and the children are still minors your ex cannot come into the picture and screw things all up.

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What should I do now

I have sole physical custody and joint legal custody of my 3 yr old daughter. Mom walked out when she was 11 months. In my divorce, i gave her joint legal custody so she would not fight the divorce.

She hasn’t paid one penny of her court ordered child support and hasn’t seen, emailed, written, or called her daughter since Halloween. Is there some way i can get sole legal custody too and arrange if something happens to me my mom, who stays with me now to help me raise her, gets custody?

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To everyone who cares about our children, please lend me your ears.

It is time for us to stop vainly fighting on our own, in isolation, for the Truth to prevail and to secure the right of our children to be nurtured by loving, strong fathers as our Creator intended.

I am issuing a plea to all concerned parties, all those who love our children, all fathers who die a little each day because they are separated from their children and stand helplessly by while their children are abused and tortured each day by the perverse, evil idea that children do not need their male parents, to stand up with me and bear witness to this atrocity that has overtaken our families, our homes, and our country.

I particularly call upon those who reside in the State of Alabama, for this is where I live and can be most effective.

I do not ask for your money or your conformity or, indeed, for you to carry out any specific act.

I simply ask for you to listen:

Friends, we are losing this Holy War waged for the sake of our children. Why? Because we have attempted to defeat a juggernaut of lies as individuals. We have confronted a well organized, well funded coalition, bent on furthering an evil, destructive agenda, by standing up one by one and taking pot shots. And we have been cut down.

For all that it has hurt us, it has damaged our children infinitely and profoundly more.

And how will we answer our children? That we didn’t know our enemy? WE KNOW. That we could not rally ourselves sufficiently to prevail in the battles that face us? WE CAN. What excuse will we offer when our children ask, ” Daddy, where were you when I needed you?”.

Why are we shouted down by the National Organization for Women?

Why are we ruled by corrupt judges whose numbers are dwarfed by us?

Why do we file pathetically one by one before our elected hired help AND ASK FOR OUR CHILDREN?!

Why do we listen to those who say we should be patient and meek and play by our opponent’s rules?

FATHERS OF ALABAMA, let us, this day, and for all time, join together in a Brotherhood of Fathers whose sword is the Truth and whose strength is in our individual and collective love for our children.

I simply ask for you to answer:

Are we our children’s Fathers?

Are we, and ultimately we, responsible for the well being of our children?

Will we do what is necessary to protect and nurture them?

Let the thunder of our unified righteousness drown the wall of lies. Let our enemies tremble and flee at the sight of us marching together and proclaiming the Truth. Let our children hear us coming and find hope.

Let me hear your voice. How say you?

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Welcome to recent members!

Recently there has been a rash of confrontational messages, along with repetitive personal rants with absolutely no informational merit. This main (moderated) forum is NOT the place for such unacceptable behavior.

If you need a punching bag more than a club, hash it all out at the place indicated in our LINKS section. Or use email or messenger (both provided for free) to box it out with the other individual. Such networking tools can be also useful in sharing feelings and inner personal pain. We are indeed sympathetic, but ask that you use the proper channels, including the member-only CHAT room (separate from this main forum).

Your membership here entails responsibilities. Please read and adhere to our courtesy GUIDE.

When posting a message or a reply, please take the time to be attentive and informative. Include all details and specifics as possible. The subject line should be very descriptive.

Content and guest members which have no relevancein general to ‘DADS in FAMILY COURT’ are prompted deleted. We must be focused.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in building a strong network dedicated to open collaboration.

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I know what you mean

I saw the first post about ‘giving up parental rights” and I thought “here’s a woman coming in here, looking for help in denying the father of her child an option that she’s had since the moment of conception, and nobody even says ‘What’s up with that?'”

Then she comes back and says something to the effect of “Oh, and if you think what I’m doing is wrong, well you can just keep it to yourself”.

It seems to me that her intention was not so much to get advice, but simply to rub your nose in the fact that the law doesn’t give you the same rights it gives her.

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What this lady doesn’t tell any of the people in this club

What this lady doesn’t tell any of the people in this club is that she is my ex-wife. She and my daughter are making me out to be the bad guy in this thing.

when in fact this all started over a year ago. when I received a phone call from her telling me that if I didn’t take my daughter she was going to but her in foster care because she could not control her. then 6 months later she takes me back to court. wanting her back because of her guilt. I am in a county in Indiana that is very lopsided in favor of the mother. I knew that I would not get anywhere with court system so I let her take my daughter back. She now want all of you to think that I didn’t want her. the opposite is true.

I was getting no where with my daughter because her mother told her she didn’t have to listen to me. As you all can guess it started many arguments between my daughter, her mother and me. So as you all can see there is a lot more to this story than just one persons views and the truth is somewhere in the middle. I hope this club is for helping fathers not a place for ex’es to vent. I look forward to seeing comments from fellow members.

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My x filed abuse charges HELP

My divorce started 21/2 years ago. We set up an agreement for a 50/50 share. The day before my final divorce date my x filed bogus abuse charges against me. That was six months ago. I haven’t been able to see my kids or talk to them. She changed her phone number.

DHC won’t help, because the closed the case two months ago, but the cops still have the case open because my x got some fruit cake of a shrink. This has cost me 3000$ already. My lawyer going to fight it but I really need to talk to my kids any ideas?

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Ex wife has taking my money and kids

What do i do when ex wife has taking my money and my kids,and is hitting me hard with all the medical bills,for just about anything and everything,ever time i get my mail there is another bill from the hospital or doctor, and they won’t tell me whats it’s for, I’m the father, i need to know what is wrong with my kids,ex has put me so far in the hole,i don’t if I’m coming or going.I pay 118.00 a week child support, plus they just garnished my wages another 100.00 a week.

I can’t live on 137.00 a week, i have bills also. I already applied for a $1000 loan at WeGot1000, but I can’t do it too often. She takes them to the doctors every time you turn around,and abuses my health insurance,what can i do?

I can’t afford to pay all these medical bills, she signs the bills, she should pay for them, and STOP ABUSING MY INSURANCE.

I’m married now to a wonderful person, thank god she works,we also have a 5yr old daughter together, but this is tearing my family up.My wife now can’t understand why women have to be this way,it should be 50/50 all the way. broke in Ohio,if there is any information you can pass along please do so, or email me. thanks guys!!

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I don’t know the laws governing school records

I don’t know the laws governing school records, however my mother is a teacher in a public school in California and it is their policy–not the law–to keep the records private. It may be against the law but they still do it. The teachers only look at the files of their students and are not allowed to take them out of the building nor are they allowed to look at the records of any other student unless they are having a problems with that student.

It is also the schools policy – again not the law – that parents don’t get to take the records home and are only to review the records with a teacher present. Again this may be against the law but they still do it. Their reasoning for this is much like a doctor not wanting a patient to read their medical records, they may be mis-read and not understood and even used against them and the school. I DO know though that if a parent requests a copy of the records they are entitled to it and given copies with written permission (release for ect.) and a note from the teacher explaining anything that may be unclear in the records.

I agree that you should send the certified letter, schools really don’t like bad publicity or lawsuits! And they can only use “their policy” up to a point, especially if you are citing federal laws. You are in the right here wanting your child’s records so do not let them tell you their policy is the law. My own mother can tell you that almost every school in America has adopted the policy to keep these records private as to aviod lawsuits and kids parents yanking them out of school. BUT this is not what the law is and they know it, they just don’t think you do. Good luck!

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Either that principal is incompetent or s/he is lying to you

Bull!! Either that principal is incompetent or s/he is lying to you. Your child’s records are OFFICIAL documents and are not private property. If you were to sue the school for educational malpractice, those documents would be needed – that’s why the teachers do not keep them.

Send a certified letter return receipt requested demanding release of the documents as provided under federal law (the specific statutes are located in this club forum in earlier messages). Send a certified copy to the local superintendent of schools and a copy to the state’s education commissioner. Show both cc’s on the demand letter along with titles. Put in a deadline of 2 weeks to produce the documents or to give you a reason why they are not being produced.

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I went to my son’s school about 3 days ago

The principal had pulled his file. I asked about his last years reports. Especially his progress reports. She said that they do not have those in the school files. She said that the past teacher is the only one who has them. So I asked to speak with last year’s teacher. She is no longer with the school.

But they won’t release that info neither. His progress report shows all his assignments and grades. the last one the teacher had sent me showed all “F’s”. isn’t there some place else that they keep those year old files? Other than trying to locate his [past teacher? I find it hard to believe that the particular teacher is the only one that has those files.

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There is a host of ways to accomplish this

There is a host of ways to accomplish this in Mammoth, CA. First and foremost, YOU need to read the laws. Read all the laws dealing with divorce, custody, and support. They can be found on the internet. The more you know about the laws, the better you can gather information that the court needs to decide in your favor.

School records, report cards, witnessed visitation denials, and child neglect all help in making these decisions.

For those of you who do not know, the children’s school records in joint custody cases have to be sent to you, by the school, at your request. This is a federal law, you have the right to know how your children are doing in school.

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A non custodial parents

A non custodial parents has the “right” to parenting time with their children. If they exercise that right or not is their decision. It can not be forced upon them. They also have the obligation to pay child support.

Occasionally I can not get my kids on a weekend because of work and my ex gets mad as hell when I call her up and tell her. I guess it mess up her plans for the weekend, but she should have through about that before she fought me in court and refused to let me have joint custody.

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I wasn’t talking about a mother giving up rights

I wasn’t talking about a mother giving up rights, I was referring to a father wanting to give up his rights. A paycheck is not involved. The child is not going to be adopted, she lives with her mother.

And the mother does not agree with any parent wanting to do this (under normal conditions). But, thank you for your reply anyway.

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You miss my point

If a mother can give up herrights, why can’t a father? I don’t want to know what the law is, because it’s obviously wrong because it treats males different from females. I want to know WHY is it morally alright for a mother to do, but not a father? Why the double standard?

This is not to say I agree with any parent giving up their rights either, but it’s not for me to tell anyone else what to do or not to do.

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Re: giving up parental rights

If a mother can give up not only her own parental rights, but the fathers’ as well by giving a child up for adoption, then a father *should* be able to at least voluntarilly give up his own rights. Oh, but wait, there’s probably a paycheck involved. I guess that changes everything.

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Update on my case

My ex and i were divorced in Calif. in 1988. I was in the military, then settled in NC. My ex moved many times and now resides in Nev.
In June of last year she petitioned the Calif. court to review the support amount, which they did.

After doing a lot of research and calling the CSE often, the NC State Federal Lawyer for family law has determined by Federal Law Calif did not have jurisdiction over the case. The law clearly states,’If no party to the case resides in the state or jurisdiction, the case must forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction’ or words to that effect.

It took 7 months but, The NC CSE called me and told me the order was invalid and they would not enforce it. If my ex wanted the support amount modified she would have to file in NC.

So, a little (well a lot) of research can make a big difference. Knowing the laws is your right and your responsibility (since no one in the government will explain them to you when you fall under them).

The main problem with our family courts today is no law provides a non custodial parent with legal assistance or information, unlike what the laws provide for the custodial parent. I think it is time for a change in our laws.

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Giving up parental rights

I have a question about parental rights, or rather giving them up. I have a 14 year old daughter who lives with me, her father is in another state, and I am remarried.

Recently he got upset with her, and stated that he was going to give up “sign off” his parental rights, to not see her or have any contact or relationship with her anymore. I do not believe that a parent can do this (unless adoption is to take place), but he disagrees.

So my question is, can a parent just sign off their parental rights, just because they want to, even though the other parent will not agree to it?